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Selling Your Home with Kids and Pets


Selling Your Home with Kids and Pets

Are you wanting to sell your home but the thought of going on the market and dealing with showings around your busy schedule is stressing you out? 

  •   Well in this article, I’m going to share MY strategies for actually minimizing how often you need to show your home while still getting the highest offer- so that you can diminish the stress of getting the kids and pets out of the house when potential buyers want to see your home.    

Ok, so you’ve decided you want to put your home on the market but your stressed out about keeping it clean, figuring out how to get the pets out for showings, having strangers looking in your closets, and maybe you’re also working from home and it’s difficult to leave for showings.    

It all seems overwhelming-  I completely understand so I want to give you my strategies for minimizing your overwhelm when you list your home.  

Here are my Top 2 strategies for you. 

The first way to minimize your inconvenience is a Video Tour of your home.   I’m not talking about a bunch of still photos stitched together with some cheesy music, that doesnt help any potential buyer get an idea of the feel of your home-what you need is an actual video TOUR. 

I know you may be thinking-how is a video tour going to reduce my stress?  Here’s a real world example… I’m currently working with some buyers who live in another state, they cant come with me to every home showing so they want me to take videos of the homes they are interested in and send them to them.   That means I schedule a showing for each house they might like.   Which also means the sellers of those homes have to be gone for my appointment to go out and shoot that video.

 IF these Sellers would have had just one video walkthrough done when they went on the market to provide to potential buyers it would have saved them from having yet another showing that didnt get them an offer.

A true video walkthrough tour of your home will highlight  its unique features and will attract the right buyers to your home who want those features.  It will also eliminate those buyers who have other needs in a home and they won’t waste your time with a showing that doesn’t result in an offer. 

The other strategy I want to share with you involves the day of the week your home should first go on the market.   Why is that important?   Because you want the most buyers looking at your home, in the least amount of time, when it is the most desirable-that is the first weekend your home is on the market.   

Putting your home on the market on a Thursday allows you to strategically plan when your showings will take place that first weekend and should get you an offer by Monday. 

I hope this helps you to know that there are ways to minimize the inconvenience of showing your home to potential buyers.   Selling your home when you live with kids and pets is all about eliminating pressure points.   It is possible to craft a plan that gets you the most money with the least overwhelm.   Let me know in the comments what stresses you out the most when thinking of selling your home. 

Also If you want more information about what to expect when selling your home, I’ve got a quick guide I can send to you.  Just reach out and ask- I’m happy to provide that for you.  

You can also watch a Video with this information here: