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Selling Vs Remodel... 3 Things to Consider

Selling Vs Remodel... 3 Things to Consider

  • Are there things you just can’t stand about your current home?  Have you been thinking about just selling it but not sure you want to, maybe you should stay and remodell it instead…   It can be confusing trying to decide which decision is best.  In this article I’m going to share with you 3 things to consider if you find yourself dreaming of a different space. 

I’m Laurie Engle and I’ve been a top selling Realtor for 21 years and in my many years of talking to people I’ve been part of lots of conversations about whether they should sell their home or remodel it to suit their needs.   In fact I’ve found a lot of people undertake a remodelling project only to sell right after and not even get to enjoy it!   Because of this I think there are  3 questions you should ask to determine which choice is best for you to  make…

Question number 1-What improvements would you make if you were to stay and will they give you a good return on the investment you plan on making?   

The home improvements that will give you the most bang for your buck when you eventually sell your home are flooring, paint and upgrading a kitchen or bathroom.   If your remodeling plans include any of these items you should feel confident that you will be adding value to your home.

The 2nd question you should ask is-Are you happy with the key important features of your home such as the location in the neighborhood, the lot and the floorplan?   If you are considering moving walls and adding square footage to your existing home, it may be wise instead to begin looking at homes currently for sale that would meet your needs without you having to make major renovations to your existing home.   Also, if you’ve always been unhappy with how small your yard is or the busy side street that your home is close to, these are good reasons to consider moving to a new place. 

Lastly-Are there any factors that would cause you to move in the next 3 years such as children going off to college, maybe you’re getting married or adding another child to the family- or possibly making a career move…     If any of these major life events are looming for you-you may want to put off remodeling plans until you have a better idea of what your needs will be in the future.    

I hope I’ve given you some things to help you make the decision to either remodel or just sell your home… let me know in the comments what you would love to change most about your current space.