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Selling My Austin TX Home-What's it Really Worth?

Selling My Austin TX Home-What's it Really Worth?

  • Austin TX Home Values keep changing.  If you’ve decided its time to move and you’ve gone online and googled “Whats My Home Worth”, you will  get pages and pages of free home evaluation sites-just type in your address right?  So just how accurate are these estimates and seriously, Whats your home really worth…
  • In this article I’m going to give you the insider info on pricing your home to sell regardless of whether its a hot, warm or cold market.
  • Ok so lets dive in on what your home is really worth when youre ready to sell it.  It boils down to 3 things, 2 you have control over and 1 you don’t.)

    The first is Market Demand-this is the one you have no control over.  Housing Supply, buyer demand, interest rates & financing options, all of these factors determine the type of market you are in-and markets change virtually overnight sometimes.   You could be in a sellers market, a buyers market or a balanced market depending on what’s happening in the world.   The good news is realtors have DATA & real world experience working with buyers and sellers to be able to accurately tell you the type of market you are in.  I do this using hyper focused data from the MLS.   A computer algorithm from a Whats my Home Worth website just cant give you that.  AI is great but it’s not out there touring homes everyday.

The other 2 factors that you do control are Location and Condition. 

You’ve heard it before real estate is all about location, location, location. It’s absolutely true when it comes to value.  The part of town you live in, the neighborhood amenities, where your house sits in the neighborhood, whether you have a corner lot or back to a busy street… all those things matter and affect the market value of your home. 

Moving on to Condition. Buyers want move-in ready!!! It’s an HGTV world and if you want top dollar, you need to stand out.  Yes, you need to wash windows, touch up paint, do some landscaping, clear out the clutter, replace broken items, shampoo the carpet.   Maybe you’re thinking someone will buy it the way it is, and you don’t want to do all that. You’re right, someone will, but they are going to expect you to discount it based on the condition of your home. 

If you want the highest sales price, spend some time getting your home show ready.   I’ve got contractor hookups and no fee programs to get you the cash you need to fix things up if thats an issue.  

  • You may have wanted to hear that finding out your homes worth is as easy as typing in your address but its really more complex than that.  This is most likely one of your biggest financial assets, have a professional evaluate it for you, they have the knowledge, data and experience to help you make an informed decision.