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My 5 Favorite Things to do in Austin, Texas


My 5 Favorite Things to do in Austin, Texas

  • It seems like there are so many things to do in Austin it’s hard to know where to start.   In this video I’m going to share with you my 5 Favorite Things to do in Austin Tx after having spent 10 years in this City.   Be sure to read till the end for my #1 Fave-it just might surprise you.  

Lets start with #5 on my list of favorite things.  Visiting Mt Bonnell.  Mt Bonnell has been a tourist destination since the 1850’s. The views of lake Austin and  the hill country are spectacular.  At 781 feet it’s one of the highest points in Austin and worth the climb up the 102 steps to get to the top.  

Moving on to #4-Spending a day on the water.  Lake Austin is the place to spend a day cruising in your boat and ending with a stop at Hula Hut for a tubular taco.  Or If you’d rather cruise the water on your own steam you can rent a or kayak or paddleboard in DT Austin and take in the view of the City  while socializing with your friends.  

My 3rd favorite thing is visiting Dripping Springs or BeeCave for a day spent sipping a beer, wine or a cocktail under the winding oak trees, listening to some local band playing.  It’s magical and so… well Texas.   Trust me on this one you just have to experience it. 

Second on my list-Hiking one of the many trails on the greenbelts in Austin.   I like Bull Creek for it’s cool, clear water, limestone rocks and large boulders.  Its a favorite with families and dogs and Its located Near the intersection of Spicewood Springs and Adirondack Trail.

My #1 favorite thing to do in Austin is Vintage Shopping.  I’m an old soul and finding new treasures from the past delights me.    The thrill of sorting through decades of funky, silly, elegant fashion and home decor is one of my passions.   On North Loop, just east of Guadalupe in North Austin, you’ll find a community of vintage shops away from the tourist crowds on South Congress. This is one of my favorite places to spend a day in Austin.

So now I’ve shared with you my 5 favorite things to do in Austin but there are so many more!  The plentitude of activities is one of the reasons many people move to Austin and I love sharing how to make the most of living in this City.   Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing to do in Austin is.