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Living in Austin, What I Love and Hate


Living in Austin, What I Love and Hate

  • Austin consistently makes all the lists of best Cities to live in in the US.   And it IS an amazing City.   But in this video I’m going to share with you what its really like to live in Austin, the things I absolutely love and the things I hate.  Be sure to listen for the last thing I hate and I’ll give you a tip on how to minimize it.  

    Lets start with one of the top things I love about living in Austin.   The Live Music scene.   Austin has always been a mecca for musicians who have been drawn to it’s creativity, liberal politics and at one time its low cost of living.  Its famous for singers like Willie Nelson and Janis Joplin honing their craft on its stages.    On any given night you can find a small gem of a bar with a talented musician sharing their soul.   

    The next thing I love about living in Austin is the ease of getting out into nature.   Hiking trails can be found in just about every neighborhood along with the picturesque hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake right in the center of the city.   My favorite activity is paddle boarding or kayaking and its so easy in Austin to be on the water within minutes of where you might live.   If you have your own paddle board or kayak there are plenty of places to easily put in the water, Zilker Park is a great spot to bring your own or rent one from Zilker Park Boat Rentals.   

    There are many more things I love about life in Austin but I’ll just share one last thing-that is the food.   This is a foodie town, full of local restaurants and food trucks.  There is so much more than bbq and tacos here-the culinary scene is truly amazing.    A few of my favorites are Vespaio on South Congress, Velvet Taco at the Domain and Jack Allens Kitchen.   

    So now those are a few of the good things-lets talk about the things I hate about life in this City. 

    #1-It’s crowded, the word is out-people are flocking to Austin and its getting more full by the day.   Austins population has grown by 21% since I moved here 10 years ago.   You can feel this when you go to the popular areas like South Congress, DT & The Domain-it’s hard to find parking, there are longer waits for a table at a restaurant or its reservations only.    Popular hiking trails are crowded on the weekends and local destinations like Mt Bonnell are full of people clamoring to see the views.  

    #2-Its expensive.    What once was an affordable City is now becoming out of reach for a lot of locals and working class families.   Rental prices are at all time highs and average home prices range from 500k to the millions.  

    The last thing I dislike about living in Austin is the traffic.   Austin is constantly trying to keep up with the amount of people moving to the City and the roads are just not adequate for the amount of commuters.   If you drive from one of the suburbs to a job in Austin proper-expect to be spending quite a bit of time in your car, with traffic crawling or at a standstill during high commuting times.    My tip for Austin traffic is that you can really cut down your commuting time by choosing a neighborhood that causes you to travel East and West vs North & South.   

So there you have it, my take on the things to love and hate about life in Austin Tx.   Let me know in the comments what you love about living in this city.   If you’d like to dive into the topic a little more be sure to check out all my videos. And If you’d like info on home and rental prices-be sure to check out the properties here on my site.