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5 Ways to Boost Your Austin Texas Homes Sale Price

5 Ways to Boost Your Austin Texas Homes Sale Price

  • How can you get the most money when you sell your home?  In this article I’ve got 5 tips for boosting your sales price so you can avoid the costly mistakes I see other Sellers make.  
  • After reading all five you’ll have the list of projects you should focus on before going on the market.  Ignoring these simple tips could cost you thousands.  Be sure to read to the end for my solution to any costly repairs or improvements you might need to make.
  • Ok, lets dive right in.  My first tip is something most sellers don’t even think about. It’s adding USEABLE living space.  I’m not talking about adding a room to your home or knocking down walls-I want you to take a look at your front porch and your back porch.   Everyone loves a tranquil space to unwind at the end of the day-make your deck or patio or patch of grass a peaceful oasis.  
  • #2.  Update your homes finishes.   This can be as simple as changing cabinet knobs in the bathroom and kitchen, switching out faucets and most importantly updating light fixtures.  Also, if you’ve got outdated curtains or valances or wallpaper-it’s time to get rid of them.  My pro tip is buy fresh towels and rugs for the bathrooms & kitchen. 
  • #3  Freshen up your curb appeal-I know its old advice but it makes a huge difference.  As a realtor when I drive up to a home the outside tells me immediately whether its been loved or neglected.  No one wants a neglected home.   Pull the weeds, plant new flowers, mow the lawn, trim the trees, fix the fence.   My pro tip here is paint your front door& replace the handle.   It doesn’t need to be crazy or trendy it just needs to be clean and fresh.  
  • #4 De-Clutter, I’m not even going to spend to much time on this.  You know you need to de-clutter, start packing, your moving anyway-get that stuff into a box in the garage and show off how much space your home truly has!  
  • #5  Ok this is the big one and the one that may need some $$$cash to accomplish.   Update the kitchens and baths.  Yes, you will get a return on your investment into these 2 rooms.   Its amazing the difference some paint, flooring, new vanities, new countertops can make.  It can truly transform a space.  If you feel stuck because you don’t have the money to make these improvements until after you’ve sold your home-I have a solution.    I’ve got a program that allows Sellers to make improvements to their home and pay for those improvements at closing. If you’re interested contact me and I’ll send you the details.  

Thats it guys-its not that long of a list and can make a ton of extra money for you when you sell your home.  One of the biggest mistakes I see from sellers is not being willing to change things about their home to appeal to a wide range of buyers.   You’re MOVING-be willing to get some advice, make some changes and don’t take things to personally.  🙂