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3 Steps to Help You Decide if it's Time to Sell Your Home


3 Steps to Help You Decide if it's Time to Sell Your Home

  • Are you struggling with the timing on when to sell your home because you don’t know what information to trust online anymore?

    I’m going to give you 3 steps to take to help you decide if the time is right for you.  Be sure to read down to the end for step 3 which is actual market data that shows you the absolute best month to sell your Austin area home, this will eliminate the worry of wondering if you maximized your profit and give you confidence knowing that you didn’t miss out and sell at the absolute wrong time of year.

So lets jump right in with Step #1
You’ll need to decide if your current home meets your current needs.  As you live in your home now think about whether it has the space you need for working from home or home schooling your kids.   If you no longer have a commute are you in the neighborhood you want to live in-does it have parks, trails, outdoor activities,  restaurants, shopping-whatever it is you like to do, does your location meet your needs?  The Austin area has so many wonderful neighborhoods for a wide variety of lifestyle. I love matching people to neighborhoods in this City.    It’s one of the funnest things I do.   And by the way…It’s always the right time to move if your home isn’t meeting your needs.  

Step # 2 
The second step in helping you make a decision is to determine what your profit will be- I mean how much will you make right?

Your equity is determined by market demand.   I’m seeing such large jumps in home prices right now that I can’t ignore that we are currently in a real estate market cycle that yields top of market prices-Have you heard the  saying Buy Low and Sell High?    This is a Sell High point in time, so you need to really consider cashing in at this time.  I’m seeing investors who are now selling their properties and putting that money towards other projects, I’m also seeing couples selling their home and moving overseas to follow that dream and I’m seeing a lot of people simply wanting to move to their dream home or dream location and they actually have the option to do it with this market.   

Step #3 and my biggest tip for you-Finding out the best time of year to sell your home to MAXIMIZE your profit potential.    

Homes in the Austin area sell all year round, we have a mild climate and people are constantly moving to Austin.   BUT, if you want to sell your home when the most buyers are in the market and the competition among them is hottest, here’s the data….

Lets go back a couple years to 2020

The month with the most closings was July, which means the most buyers were looking for a home in June. The next best months for closings were June and August.   So, breaking that down it means the absolute most buyers in the Austin Area were looking for a home from May-July.  These are the top months for your home to be on the market in Austin.    

Looking at the crazy market in 2021 we find that June was the top month for closings followed by July and August. So again, the most buyers were in the market May-July.

However in 2021 there was such high demand for homes we saw very large numbers of buyers looking for homes beginning in February.  I believe that 2022 will be similar because demand is still high.   

So now you know the top things you should consider when deciding the timing of selling your home.  If you feel you’re ready to jump in then you’ll want to read m next blog post about selling your home when you are living with kids and pets…and how to take away the stress of dealing with showings of your home.   Also, Let me know in the comments why YOU might consider moving from your current home right now. 

If you are  still unsure whether this is the right time for you to sell and you just want to have a conversation with a real person whose not going to pressure you, you can book a quick phone consultation with me, I’m happy to answer whatever questions you have and just talk through your concerns.     And again- Don’t forget to read my next blog post for tips on selling your home when you’ve got kids and pets!  

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